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XYZ Land Surveys

11 - Feb - 2015

Based in Surrey, XYZ Land Surveys work throughout the United Kingdom and abroad in all sectors of the building industry. Clients include architects, building surveyors

3D Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is not a replacement for traditional survey techniques, but is an alternative method of surveying with minimal disruption to the occupants of the building, due to the speed of data capture.

This method of surverying lends itself to larger or complicated occupied buildings such as factories, supermarkets, industrial units, warehouses, historical and listed buildings and industrial installations such as sewerage works, pumping stations, oil refineries and gas and electricity sites.

Scanners are very useful in capturing large amounts of highly accurate detail in a relatively short space of time. The resulting survey data is in the form of a point cloud, from which drawings or 3D models can be created in standard CAD formats.


Applications for the use of Laser Scanning

Measured Building Surveys: Floor Plans, elevations and sections of buildings in both 2D and 3D, together with internal elevations.

Mechanical Electrical, Heating and Ventilation:To show pipe work, ducting, cabling runs, extractors, skylights and positions of lighting in confined spaces.

Engineering and Building Construction: To show roof construction, beams, columns, overhead gantries and walkways.

Right of Light: To survey surrounding elevations to pin point positions of windows and building envelopes for daylight and sunlight calculations.

Embankment and Cliff Modelling: To show erosion, verticality and profiling.

Volumetric and Cut and Fill Surveys: To calculate the volume and excavations of earth works.


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