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XYZ Land Surveys

11 - Feb - 2015

Based in Surrey, XYZ Land Surveys work throughout the United Kingdom and abroad in all sectors of the building industry. Clients include architects, building surveyors

Arboricultural Surveys

Arboricultural Surveys

Arboricultural Services

We work closely with a fully qualified Arboricultural specialist who carries out tree surveys to BS5837 (Trees in relation to the Construction Industry) who will issue a tabulated report as an Excel spread sheet or Word document.

Information such as tree species, diameter, height and crown dimension (measured at 4 cardinal points) and condition of the tree is recorded straight into a PDA on site.

Trees can be tagged and the tree numbers are added to our drawings, together with root protection areas and tree crowns in the appropriate British Standard colours to provide a complete survey report, if remedial work is required, this is carried out to BS3998 (Recommendations for tree work).

Our specialist also carries out Arboricultural Impact Studies and if required will write an Arboricultural Method Statement for the Planning Department of the Local Authority.

Our clients benefit from this relationship by combining both services, which is cost effective and saves time employing outside consultants.

TreeNameSpeciesAgeHeightDBHCrown SpreadLowest LimbConditionObservationsRecommendationsBSRPA
1BeechFagus SilvaticaM17m.95m



5mGoodThis tree has multiple leaders, and a slight lean to the south westNone at the present timeC111.4m
2BeechFagus SilvaticaM9m.24m



2mGoodThe crown of this tree crosses the southern boundary of the propertyNone at the present timeC12.88m
3English OakQuercus RoburM12.5m.6m



4mFairThe stem of this tree is devoid of bark to the eastern side up to a height of 2mCarry out a Tomograph testC17.2m
4YewTaxus BaccataS/M4m.25m



1.2mGoodThere are no special observations for this tree at the present timeNone at the present timeC13m
5English OakQuercus RoburM13.5m1.18m



6mGoodThis tree has co dominant leaders and some dead wood in its crownRemove dead wood and clean crownC114.16m
6BeechFagus SilvaticaM12m.3m



3mGoodThis tree has some epicormic growth up its stemNone at the present timeC13.6m
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