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XYZ Land Surveys

12 - Feb - 2015

Based in Surrey, XYZ Land Surveys work throughout the United Kingdom and abroad in all sectors of the building industry. Clients include architects, building surveyors

Boundary Surveys

Boundary Surveys

As chartered surveyors, XYZ Land Surveys has over 15 years' experience working on boundary dispute resolutions with both individuals and solicitors.

Our land surveying expertise allows us to provide large scale detailed surveys identifying boundary features accurately in their position as found on site. Using a combination of site evidence (old posts, tree lines, hedges, ditches and embankments), historic plans, documents, and supporting material (aerial photography, Title Deeds and Land Registry information) we are able to provide:

- Advice on boundary issues
- Sub-division of larger plots
- Boundary demarcations or re-establishments
- Considered opinions and professional advice
- Expert witness and client representation should the boundary be in dispute

By knowing the position of a boundary, architects, planners and other consultants involved are able to design and estimate costs for developments while mitigating the risk of a costly dispute.

  • Surveying company in the UK
  • Surveying company in the UK
  • Surveys in the UK
  • Surveys in Surrey
  • Land surveys in Surrey
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