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XYZ Land Surveys

03 - Jul - 2015

Based in Surrey, XYZ Land Surveys work throughout the United Kingdom and abroad in all sectors of the building industry. Clients include architects, building surveyors

Topographical Land Surveys

Topographical Land Surveys


All of our topographical land surveys are carried out using the latest on site measurement technology and this combined with SCC and Autocad processing software, helps give XYZ land surveys its reputation for speed accuracy and reliability in the field of land Surveying.

We work for many disciplines of clients from Architects, Quantity Surveyors and facilities managers, Interior Designers, County Councils and Local Authorities, Football Clubs, Colleges and members of the Public.

The type of site we attend are varied from back gardens, brown field sites, housing estates, shops and offices, industrial and utility sites, such as factories, sewerage works, pumping stations, schools, colleges and University campus's, railway stations and airports.

We use Leica surveying equipment and currently use a combination of 1 man Robotic and 2 man traditional total stations, using infrared laser and reflectorless technology, together with Leica GPS Smart Rovers using both the American GPS and Russian Glonass Satellite System for increased coverage and accuracy.

The Leica GPS Smart Net System, enables us to control our surveys and set out directly in Ordnance Survey Co-ordinates, giving us the values in X, Y & Z (3D). By using the Smart Rover we are able to set out using supplied O.S Co-ordinates, monitor large areas of cut and fill and calculate areas and volumes.

With our digital survey models in O.S Co-ordinates, third party information, such as utility drawings (usually based on the O.S) can be easily inserted.

We can, if required, produce surveys in 3D, which enable our clients to view the site at various angles and take three dimensional distances to surveyed features, this is very useful for planning drawings and for 'Rights of Light' calculations.


Topographical Survey Example

Topographical Survey (zoomed) Example

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