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XYZ Land Surveys

11 - Feb - 2015

Based in Surrey, XYZ Land Surveys work throughout the United Kingdom and abroad in all sectors of the building industry. Clients include architects, building surveyors

Underground Utility and Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys

Underground Utility Surveys

With increasing development of brownfield sites and the lack of integrated utility mapping, often little is known about the location of underground services, especially older pipes. Many services have previously used a number of location techniques which have resulted in poor quality or approximate mapping. Benefits of Underground Utility Surveys include:

- Ensure safe design of the project with regards to existing and old underground infrastructure
- Prevent damage to on-site services
- Prevent disruption and reduce risk to project programme
- Detect the need for renewal and maintenance

We provide mapping of underground utilities using the following:

- Carrying out Desktop Utility Record studies and collecting data from statutory authorities and utility suppliers
- Using plans from utility companies; understanding the limitations of these records, digitising the information and overlaying the data onto the surveyed CAD model
- Using RD 8000 equipment to locate underground cables and pipes, their marked positions are then accurately surveyed onto the detailed topographical plan
- Using experienced topographical surveyors, modern up-to-date total stations and GPS to accurately survey the positions with respect to the surface detail. We then incorporate this onto a separate layer within the CAD model, making sure the survey is geospatially correct
- Providing drainage CCTV Surveys, Foul & Surface Water Inspection Chamber Surveys, Manhole Description Cards (with insert level, pipe diameters chamber and shaft dimensions), and Connectivity & Culvert Condition Surveys
- Advising on expected accuracies in position and depth, and the associated constraints of locating the services

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